Goodbye Dear Friends!

Dear readers and friends,

I must say farewell. I am no longer going to write fiction. I have closed my official website on 11/01/2008, because I have family concerns that need to be addressed and I have gone through a long, painful divorce that has left me shattered and feeling like the victim of a car wreck.
But on a lighter note, I have enjoyed our time together!
I have posted some of the stuff from my official website here—some book reviews and popular blog posts. Thankfully, all of the books are currently  out-of-print (or should be) and I am no longer going to promote or endorse them.
Any errors in the books were my fault. I was a new writer and naive, and I didn't know much about editing and the publishing world. The POD publisher I signed with, Publish America aka America Star Books did not do any type of proofreading or editing to any of the manuscripts before they were published. Although, I did hire two freelance editors, I realize now that the books obviously could have used more revision.
Hindsight, ain't it a bitch?
I've learned so much over the years, and some of it has been hurtful, and I've made a lot of mistakes along the way that I regret, but I have closed that chapter on my life for good. Forever. Now, years later, after going back to college,  I enjoy helping other writers make their dreams come true. Plus, I am a Christian and no loner wish to write this genre.
Although I am retired, if the talented, Andrew Neiderman ever decides to stop writing the V.C. Andrews's series, please have Simon & Schuster contact me!

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